High performance corrosion inhibitors

Habich GmbH produces a wide range of inorganic anti-corrosive pigments to effectively protect important metal surfaces such as steel, zinc or aluminum and to save costs in the long term.

The products are known globally under the trade name Habicor®. They are compatible with a wide variety of organic coating systems and significantly improve the product life of metal surfaces.

Habicor® FRI

Habicor® FRI additives are liquid flash rust inhibitors for use in aqueous systems.

Silicate and Phosphosilicate based anticorrosive pigments

Habicor® Chrome based

Habicor® chromate-based are classic products with the proven highest corrosion protection.

Orthophosphates and Polyphosphates

Zinc phosphate based anticorrosive pigments

The proven base for the modified phosphate and polyphosphate pigments offered by Habich GmbH.

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