Habicor® FRI – Flash rust inhibitor

Flash rust occurs quickly at the early stages of paint application and drying in water-based coatings. Most of the time, the corrosion products are soluble and capable of migrating within the coating and result in stains or spots. Therefore flash rust inhibitors are added to water-based coatings to suppress corrosion during the drying process.

In addition to our Habicor® anticorrosive pigments we offer liquid Habicor® FRI products to prevent your finish from flash rust.

Key benefits

  • high efficiency at low dosage
  • easy to use
  • can be incorporated at any stage of production of paint
  • low odor
  • suitable for high gloss application
  • does not support foam formation
  • no negative  impact  on  the  efficiency  of  the long term corrosion inhibitor
  • very good compatibility
  • high storage stability
  • neutral color
  • VOC free

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