Additives are used in small quantities in the coating to provide specific properties. By the addition of additives, various properties such as faster surface wetting, or adhesion improvements can be generated.

Habich GmbH markets additives for paints and coatings, dyes, coatings and printing inks produced by AFCONA Chemicals Sdn Bhd and Levaco Chemicals GmbH.

1000 Series (Afcona)

Universal resins for pigment concentrates for solvent-based and water-based application.

2000 Series (Afcona)

Defoamers and deaerators for solvent-based and water-based application.

3000 Series (Afcona)

Organically modified polysiloxane-based slip and levelling agents.

4000 Series (Afcona)

High-Molecular-Weight Dispersing agents - Polyacrylic and polyurethane.

5000 Series (Afcona)

Conventional wetting and dispersing agent.

Lucramul® (Levaco)

APEO- and VOC-free surfactants (Wetting and dispersing agents, Emulsifiers).

Lucrafoam® (Levaco)

APEO-free defoamers (Silicone based, Natural oil based, Mineral oil based and Oil free available).

Lurcrachem® (Levaco)

Specialties: Rheological modifiers, Antistatic agents, Penetration agent, Antidusting agent, Hydrophobing agent.

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