Environmental policy

The current location in Weitenegg in the Wachau recreational area has been used for pigment production since 1921. From this long tradition, we take the responsibility for our products, employees and the environment very seriously.

"Our environment is in our hands." - Faithful to this motto, our goal is to protect nature and the environment and to preserve it for future generations. In this sense, we have introduced an environmental management system that complies with the ISO 14001 standard with all its requirements.

Economical use of resources

We develop high-quality and innovative products that ensure the greatest possible environmental compatibility throughout all phases of the life cycle. Through continuous process optimization in all stages of production and early maintenance and servicing, we ensure careful use of available resources.

State of the art

In order to ensure a safe and efficient manufacturing process, we regularly adapt our plants and facilities to the latest state of the art. For this reason, we have one of the world's most advanced Bismuth Vanadate plants and have been able to reduce our water consumption per tonne of Bismuth Vanadate produced by 10% through process optimization.

Waste management

Systematic waste management keeps material consumption and disposal volumes as low as possible. To achieve this goal, a recycling system for waste type-specific, safe disposal was successfully implemented. Toxic waste has been reduced by more than 42%. In addition, the particulate matter load could be reduced with the aid of the most modern filter system.

Training of employees

Our employees are regularly informed and trained to achieve the highest levels of environmental awareness. In these activities, we also include our suppliers and subcontractors. Active dialogue with the public and environmental authorities is a matter of course for us and serves to optimize environmental protection.

Energy management

The sustainability strategy ensures that the type and extent of energy use and energy consumption are appropriate to the needs and further development of the company.

By increasing the electricity production of our two hydropower plants, we have been able to steadily increase the share of renewable energies in production in recent years. Furthermore, we have reduced our specific fuel oil consumption by 7% over the same period.

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