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Information on the risk of major accidents pursuant to Section 14 of the Environmental Information Act

Paragraph 1

a) Name and company name of the owner and full address of the facility concerned

Habich GmbH, Weitenegg 5, 3652 Leiben

b) the installation is subject to the provisions of Section 8a of the Industrial Code 1994, Federal Law Gazette No. 194/1994. The notification pursuant to Section 84d (1) Industrial Code 1994 or the safety report pursuant to Section 84f Industrial Code 1994 has been submitted to the competent authority

c) Description of the plant, in particular the safety-relevant parts of the plant:

The following systems are in use in the company: Central heating boilers, steam boilers, heat transfer oil boilers - each fired with extra-light heating oil, screw compressors including refrigeration dryers, agitator vats, storage tanks for various raw and auxiliary materials, dispersing units, wet and dry grinding units, dryers for product drying, batch mixers, exhaust air purification units, waste air purification units and aeration units. raw and auxiliary materials, dispersing units, wet and dry grinding units, dryers for product drying, batch mixers, exhaust air purification systems with dust and activated carbon filters, water cooling units, various pumps (centrifugal, DL diaphragm, Mohno and hose squeeze pumps), filter presses, water treatment systems, gas and electrically powered stackers

Activity carried out at the site:

Production of inorganic non-ferrous and anti-corrosion pigments

d) Hazards that make the facility a facility requiring information, in particular the factors that can cause a serious accident:

The hazard potential results from the storage and use of toxic or environmentally hazardous substances in the plant, whereby the following main hazards must be considered:

  • Leakage of substances hazardous to water through leaks in containers or pipes.
  • Leakage of toxic or environmentally hazardous substances that form pools and emit them into the atmosphere.
  • Leakage of contaminated extinguishing water in the event of firefighting.
  • Leakage of toxic or environmentally hazardous substances into the atmosphere in the event of a fire or a defect in an exhaust air purification system.

Generic name of the hazardous substances present in the installation which could cause a major accident and an indication in simple terms of their main hazardous properties:

  • Acutely toxic substances, cat. H1 and H2 - substances that pose a danger to life if swallowed
  • Substances hazardous to the aquatic environment, cat. E1 and E2 - substances that are very toxic or toxic to aquatic organisms

e) How the affected public is warned if necessary and receives appropriate information on what to do in the event of a major accident:

The public is warned by the authority responsible for emergency response on the instructions of the official head of operations, whereby a multi-stage warning system is provided:

  1. Police loudspeaker vehicles
  2. sirens
  3. Information and warning announcements via radio and television

f) Internet address where this information (para. 1) is permanently accessible electronically:

g) Further information can be obtained as follows:

Habich GmbH, Weitenegg 5, 3652 Leiben, 02752/714 72

Bezirkshauptmannschaft Melk, Abt-Karl-Str. 25a, 02752/9025 32418


Paragraph 2

a) The reason for the classification of the plant under industrial accident law is the storage quantities of environmentally hazardous and toxic substances authorized under commercial law. The first potential hazard of the plant is therefore the release of substances that are characterized by the H-phrase H411 (toxic to aquatic organisms, with long-term effects). Despite the dilution effect of the water from the Weitenbach stream and the water in the Weitenegg Danube arm, the occurrence of skin irritation among bathers in the Weitenegg and Luberegg leisure centers cannot be ruled out. For this reason, a precautionary warning for any bathers is included in the external emergency plan. To prevent such incidents, numerous technical monitoring and containment measures are installed in the facility and their functionality is regularly checked. These include double-walled storage tanks, leakage monitors and retention basins.

The second potential hazard of the system is the escape or fire of toxic substances. This can cause damage to the health of people who inhale contaminated fumes or toxic substances dispersed by air currents. In this regard, the external emergency plan also provides for the precautionary warning of potentially endangered persons. A fire alarm system with direct alerting of the district alarm center is installed in the company for early detection of a possible fire. For early detection of filter damage in the exhaust air filter systems, filter monitors are installed to continuously monitor the residual dust content. The dust filters also have a downstream safety filter stage.

b) The business owner is obliged to take suitable measures on the business premises - also in cooperation with the emergency and rescue services - to combat accidents and limit their effects as far as possible.

c) The external emergency plan and the safety report can be inspected at the Melk district authority.

d) The installation does not affect the territory of another Member State in the event of a major accident with its impact area. This means that there is no possibility of a major accident with transboundary effects in accordance with the Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

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