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We are a traditional and innovative producer of inorganic specialty pigments. We offer these products worldwide for incorporation into paints, building chemical products, ceramic products, printing inks and plastics. In addition, we are constantly working on improvements to open up new areas of application.

Our highly motivated, chemically and technically trained staff guarantees the development and production of innovative, marketable products that meet your and our highest quality standards

With our pigment finder you will find our complete range of colour pigments and anti-corrosive pigments - whether for industrial coatings, powder coatings or other applications.


Our product portfolio


Water-based Binders

Corrosion Inhibitors

Inorganic Pigments

Pigment Preparations

Organic Colorants


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Habich GmbH receives the EvoVadis Gold CSR rating.

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HMH Pigments

HMH Pigments - Improved service for American customers!

During the recent years the applications in the coatings industry became more demanding. Therefore technical customer support is getting even more important.

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Distributor Announcement for Canada

We are pleased to introduce the company EMCO-INORTECH ULC as the newest partner in our worldwide sales network.


Emco Inortech will be appointed as our single distributor of the complete Habich product range in Canada. They will distribute and provide technical support for all our products to existing and new customers.

Due to their own laboratories in combination with their outstanding application experience across a wide range of industries, Emco Inortech is able to support our customers in the search of the best-performant solution.

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