Pigment Preparations

The pigment preparations offered by Habich are based on the application-optimized selection of specially combined raw materials. Depending on the incorporation process, liquid pigment slurries, pigmented pastes and dry pigment preparations produced by a specially developed embedding process are offered. In addition to the classic preparations, Habich GmbH offers encapsulated dyes and fragrances to achieve specific effects.

The advantages of tailored pigment preparations:

  • Application optimized properties
  • Ideal dosage for easy processing
  • Achieve synergy effects
  • Pre-formulation improvements in production reliability
  • Precise presetting of the desired color
  • Improved resource allocation


Hybrid pigments produced by a special process that offer the lead-free alternative to lead chromate pigments.


Your idea, our solution. Duropal® are our high-quality, customized pigment preparations.

Photochromic Pigments (Kelly Chemical Corporation)

Photochromic pigments are encapsulated dyes that reversibly color under UV irradiation.

Fragrance Pigments (Kelly Chemical Corporation)

Fragrance pigments are encapsulated fragrances that are released by mechanical stress.

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