Habicor® pigment pastes

Habicor® pigment pastes are among the best corrosion protection pastes worldwide. These high-solids products are available based on various pigments and solvents for solventborne, waterborne and water dilutable systems. In addition, customer-specific pigment slurries can be developed on request.

In general, the dusts produced during the processing of powder pigments affect the health of your employees on site, regardless of whether or not these dusts are toxic. Dust-free Habicor® pigment pastes are an easy-to-use technical option for minimizing dust in the workplace.

Habicor® pigment pastes are fully dispersed during production and have a small particel sizes. This results in considerable cost savings ( Delete for the customer) in production. Additionally  Habicor® pigment pastes can be added without further grinding at the end of the paint production process.

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