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Durotech® - Mixed-phase pigments
Mixed-phase pigments are application-specific modified pigments. They are characterized by the substitution of some of the host lattice metal ions with other metal ions. By combining suitable reaction partners, almost the entire colour spectrum can be achieved. The most important representatives are rutile and spinel mixed-phase pigments.

Mixed-phase pigments have excellent light and weather resistance combined with exceptionally high resistance to chemicals and heat. They are suitable for use in mixtures with organic pigments to obtain brilliant colors with high opacity. Their high heat stability makes them suitable for most resins.

The mixed-phase pigments offered by Habich GmbH are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. They are used in various areas of the plastics industry, but also in the automotive, agricultural, construction, packaging and electrical industries, as well as in the textile and fiber industries. Due to their temperature resistance and easy dispersibility, mixed-phase pigments are also suitable for use in powder coatings.

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