Habirox® - Iron Oxide and Chromium Oxide pigments

The trade name Habirox® stands for synthetically produced Iron Oxide pigments and Chromium Oxide pigments.

This economically very attractive class of pigments is characterized by its outstanding light and weather resistance combined with outstanding chemical resistance. These products are generally particularly suitable for the coloring of demanding paints and construction chemicals indoors and outdoors. Many Habirox® products can also be used for the lightfast coloring of plastics.

Iron oxide yellow pigments (P.Y. 42)

Iron oxide yellow pigments (α-FeO(OH), lepidocrocite) remove the bound water at temperatures above 180 ° C and change into iron oxide red. The specified stability limit is to be understood as a guideline (Guideline for what?). A pigment embedded in the coating can be exposed for a short time to considerably higher temperatures without any color change.

Iron Oxide red pigments (P.R. 101)

In contrast to iron oxide yellow pigments, iron oxide red pigments (α-Fe2O3, hematite) not only have excellent fastness properties but also have very good temperature resistance.

Iron Oxide black Pigments (P.B. 11)

As the particle size increases, the color strength of iron oxide black pigments (Fe3O4, magnetite) decreases and the shade shifts from a brownish to a bluish black.

Chromium Oxide pigments (P.G. 17)

Chromium oxide green pigments (Cr2O3) are distinguished by their excellent fastness properties and high hiding power. In the near IR range, they have a high reflectivity which makes them ideal for use in infrared reflecting coatings.

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