Habicor® - Chromate based

With the products Habicor® SR-ATD, Habicor® SR-AT, Habicor® BA-AT, Habicor® ZPC 2266AT and Habicor® ZTC, Habich GmbH meet the worldwide demand of our customers for high-quality anti-corrosive pigments.

This class of pigment is always used where other technologies can not achieve the required performance. 

“Whether the application is in aircraft construction (aerospace coatings), coil coating, automotive engineering (automotive coatings) or in shipbuilding, wherever this class of pigment is used, no compromises in terms of corrosion protection can be tolerated for reasons of safety, or due to decades of guarantee periods. The consistently high level of protection provided by this pigment class, which is almost independent of the substrate and the binder, is one of its outstanding technical properties.”

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